Diamonds Dena Finishes 4th

thumbnail_Diamonds Dena

Diamonds Dena At The Barn

Diamonds Dena never made a serious bid Friday and finished fourth in the fifth race for $10,000 claiming fillies and mares. And she was not claimed.

It was Dena’s second straight lackluster effort and now, with the season ending Sunday, we must find a buyer for our 5-year-old mare. As you know, the Emerald Racing Club Membership Agreement calls for our horses to be sold at the conclusion of the season, with the sale money added to the ERC purse account. Once we have a final total, we then can divide by 200 and let everyone know how much of their $500 they get back, or roll over to 2017, etc.

One prospective buyer surfaced immediately after Dena’s race Friday,and hopefully a deal can be made this weekend. The price seemed reasonable, given Dena’s back to back sub par outings. Stay tuned.

As for Archie Graham, we are exploring options to make it possible for our favorite gray gelding to return to the Emerald Racing Club next year. He would need to be sold and then bought back when the 2017 Emerald Racing Club begins again early next year.

In so many ways Archie been a perfect horse for our club–extremely sound, friendly and accommodating to visitors, and he has some racing talent too. It also would spare the annual frantic search for a horse and allow ERC members to visit Archie at the barn in February and March, and see how a veteran horse prepares for racing off a layoff.

Several of you already have approached me about finding a way for us to keep Archie Graham. Let us know what you think!


10 thoughts on “Diamonds Dena Finishes 4th

  1. Hello Vince,

    I have been wondering how to keep Archie as part of the club too. My question is, How much does it cost to board Archie or turn him out, at a farm for 5 months without selling him to another owner???

  2. First of all, I feel sad for Dena that she was not able to get the job done for us last night, the final race of the year for the club. It has been a fun year of racing even without our horses winning every race. I hope that Dena will now go to a good home with people who will care for her, whether she continues to race, goes into another discipline, or just becomes a pasture pet. After having amassed a very good record before the club claimed her, she was, for whatever reason, not able to compete at the same level. She is a sweet-tempered lady, and wherever her next home is, I hope her new owners will appreciate her for the wonderfully calm and gentle animal that she is.

    Second, as to Archie staying on with us next year, YES, wholeheartedly, for all the reasons Vince mentioned above. It would be great to have him be able to start racing early in the season here at EMD, and we can get an earlier start on acquiring another horse because we will already have the first one. Let’s DO it!

  3. One of my favorite things about this year has been seeing everyone treat and love Diamonds Dena just as they do Archie or even Stryker.
    These horses are fierce competitors that give us their all everyday but let’s face it sometimes they are really on or really off. Honestly it’s why winning something like the tripple crown is so tough even for the best horse in the world. It’s a sport that involves a lot of streaks. So Denas year could be summed up with a three race win streak and a two race loosing streak.

    Seems like she is maybe just a little burned out and could use being turned out over the winter. There’s obviously costs involved with that and so she’s worth less than what we claimed her for. Whatever Manny’s offer to take her back and turn her out for a while is worth I’d say it’s a good and fair one. Hopefully a little R and R is all she needs and I will look forward to cheering her on next year.
    And again thanks to everyone for treating DD as a champion even if her time with us could be summed up as a loosing streak I think for those of us that love these animals so much it will always amount to so much more.

    • Once you get involved as an owner, you learn so much about just what goes into a horse winning a race, and how large a component luck is in winning. The horse could be 110% but other factors beyond the owner, trainer, and jockey can mitigate against him or her winning a race. We were very lucky with Archie and not so much with Dena, but Shane is right that she deserves our appreciation and love for her attempts to win for us. If she is going back to her former trainer, I too hope she gets turned out for a rest and can come back fresh, if returning to racing is in her future. “They are not machines,” we always hear but it bears repeating because it is true. Many thanks to the Rosses and their team in the barn for all their good work on the club’s behalf, and to Leslie, Erick,and Javier for riding for us this year. And a special thanks to Vince as he stepped in and shepherded the club on short notice with Sophia’s departure (I hope she follows through on her desire to join the club as a member next year, too). Now we look ahead, and hope that something can be worked out so that we can have Archie back with us in 2017 and a well-deserved rest.

  4. Quick note. I too have been thinking about Dena and Archie. It sounds like Dena has a good home to return to — at least I hope that is what I’m hearing from the above information. As for Archie, I would be delighted to contribute a sizeable chunk of change to help overwinter him and prep him for next year’s racing. He’s been so fun to watch and such a trooper for us.


  5. Hi all,
    X2 for all of the kind comments above for Dena and Archie. It’s been a great year and those two deserve all the accolades above for making it so. We are among those who believe it would be great if a way could be found for the club to carry Archie over to next year. If a good purchase is available for Dena we hope Vince will pursue it whole-heatedly.

    Dan & Sandi Keller

    • I will try to visit Archie at some point between now and when the track re-opens. In the meantime, if Vince could let us know if Left Coast Thoroughbreds has a website where we can see what’s going on with Archie, that would be much appreciated. I know he mentioned a Facebook page, but I don’t do Facebook (and maybe I’m not the only ERC member who doesn’t) and one has to log in, in order to see the page. Hope there is another way. If we couldn’t hold on to Archie for next year, maybe we can claim him back!

  6. Has anybody heard how we did on money as my sister would like to know how much she needs to come up with for next year so she can do it again as she had a great time as a 1st horse owner please if anybody know PLEASE call her name is Terry Kostatelos 1-253-288-9823

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