Open Enrollment Time!


We still have room for you in the 2017 Emerald Racing Club!

Open enrollment began Thursday–meaning newcomers and returnees alike are now eligible to register for the Club. It looks like we have a great balance of newcomers and veterans in 2017!

I’m trying to email everyone individually as each account is processed, and returnees should begin hearing from me this week. Every couple of days I send Jan Baze in the racing office and Debbie Hopkins of the Washington Horse Racing Commission an updated list of ERC members for 2017. This lets them know when you’re clear to get your WHRC license. (Current licensing hours are 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday thru Friday).

Our main objective now is to acquire horses for the Emerald Racing Club. Nothing yet, but we’re looking hard.

Orientation will be Sunday, April 9, 12 p.m. at Emerald Downs. You all will be notified via email with the specifics of the event.

I’m generally at Emerald Downs Monday to Friday and you’re free to visit my office on the 6th floor. I’ll be happy to walk you back to the stables and show you where the Ross and Puhich barns are located and answer any other questions.

I hope you enjoy the remainder of President’s Day weekend!

Speaking of which, one good thing about lousy weather is that it allows me to catch up on my reading. And while thumbing through a defunct horse publication called Classic, I stumbled upon a quote attributed to 94-year-old Tom Clay, a lifelong horseman asked how he had endured a rough and tumble profession.

“People are always asking me the key to longevity,” he said. “The main thing, obviously, is to take care of myself. But I also give credit to the horses. They are tonic for the soul; the most honest creatures God put on this planet. Unless some damn fool spoils it, most any horse will give his best in a race, working on a ranch or on a trail.”

2017 Emerald Racing Club Registration

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