We’re Getting Close. . .


Image result for photo of fingers crossed

I hate to jinx things by jumping the gun. . .

But we’re very close to acquiring our first horse for the 2017 season at Emerald Downs. We should have something to announce in the next day or two, and when something happens I’ll let everyone know via this blog and by email. Meanwhile my fingers are crossed!

Mercifully the weather might give us a break for our gathering this Sunday. According to The Weather Channel, the rain chance is only 10 percent with some sunshine to boot. I’ll believe that when I see it, but remember we’ll meet rain or shine!

Let’s hope it looks something like this:


A beautiful morning at Emerald Downs 

The plan Sunday is simply to watch horses train for the upcoming season at Emerald Downs, and also learn the location of the Ross and Puhich barns. With opening day just three weeks away, there’s bound to be lots of horses jogging and galloping and plenty of workers too. I’ll also pass out some 2017 Emerald Downs wall and pocket calendars and ERC lanyards to those who still need them.

No biggie if you can’t make it, we’ll have another gathering Sunday, March 26 ,and the official orientation at noon on Sunday, April 9.


Emerald Racing Club watching Archie Graham gallop in 2016

For those coming Sunday, I’ll send a group email Friday that includes parking and admittance directions to the track.

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