Instructions For Sunday, March 19

For those who can make it , we’re going to meet at 8 a.m. Sunday at Emerald Downs. Thank goodness last week was the change back to daylight savings time!

I took some photos of our meeting place–the Paddock Gate–and while they won’t win any Eclipse Awards, they should help you locate our entrance point.

Photo 1 shows the main facility with part of the big “Emerald Downs” lettering visible. The Paddock Gate is just left of the two trees, and I’ve arranged with our security department to have that gate opened a few minutes before 8.

EmD Sunday

Photo 1: Emerald Downs facade

Below is a closer shot of the Paddock Gate. If anyone arrives early and I’m not there, please hold tight. I won’t be late!

Paddock gate

Photo 2: Paddock Gate entrance

The other thing you need to know is where to park. I took a picture of parking area #3 posted below. It is located north of the Paddock Gate and about a 2-minute walk.

Parking Lot Emd

Parking Area #3, north of the Paddock Gate entrance

And believe it or not, Sunday’s weather is supposed to be SUNNY! Thank goodness because we need it. Opening night is only three weeks away, and the incredible rainfall this spring has made it difficult for trainers to get their horses into race shape. But that also means we should see plenty of action including lots of timed workouts. Current training hours are 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. but we won’t be there until closing time.

We will also head to Sharon and Larry Ross’ barn in the stable area. Sharon will brief us on barn regulations and rules. Incidentally, former Emerald Racing Club runner Archie Graham worked three furlongs Friday at Emerald Downs, and he’s still in the same stall at the Ross’ barn. It will be fun to watch Archie’s progress this year with Larry and Sharon Ross and owner Jim Engstrom (a former ERC member!)

Our other trainer, Mike Puhich, is still up at Pegasus in Redmond, but he also will have his barn up and running at Emerald Downs by the end of the month. Mike also is very busy putting the finishing touches on the big horse sale this Tuesday up at Pegasus.

Kathy Coffey of Customer Service is putting together a package of pocket calendars, wall calendars, magnetic calendars and marketing booklets for everyone, and I’ll bring lanyards for those that still need them.

Sally Steiner of the Quarter Chute Cafe has invited everyone to stop by for coffee, too.

As mentioned in my previous post, we’re very close to acquiring a horse or horses for the 2017 Emerald Racing Club!


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