Hope To See You Sunday!


Morning training at a sunny Emerald Downs

Horse racing is like the United States Mail. Remember the old saying– “Through rain, sleet or snow we will go, etc.”

That’s us too! So even with Sunday’s grim forecast of more rain (surprise), the Emerald Racing Club is invited to attend morning training at Emerald Downs. Beginning at 9 a.m., one hour later than last week, we will watch the morning activity on the racetrack. It looks like about a 90 percent chance of rain, but if things get too bad we can duck for cover.

I will have all kinds of 2017 Emerald Downs calendars to pass out–wall, magnetic and pocket–and some Emerald Racing Club lanyards too. You’re also welcome to have coffee and breakfast at the Quarter Chute Cafe, as Sally Steiner and her crew will be expecting us.

During the track renovation we will visit Sharon and Larry Ross’ barn, where we can meet McDove. Sharon said our 4-year-old filly arrived Friday morning and appears to have shipped in nicely from Golden Gate. I was going to take a photo, but the horsemen’s meeting ran a bit long and I’ll have to meet her with all of you Sunday. McDove, incidentally,  is stabled next to Archie Graham ,and Sharon said the two seem to be getting along nicely.

Also, it’s possible that McDove  could go to the track Sunday, but that will depend on the weather and also McDove’s continuing acclimation to her new surroundings etc.

We’ll meet at the Paddock Gate, same as last week, and security will open the gate at 9 a.m. sharp. For those new to Emerald Downs, here’s a post explaining where to park, etc.

Instructions For Sunday, March 19

Remember To Get Licensed!

As of Friday afternoon, we were up to 198 members and only two spots away from being full!

Many thanks to everyone for promptly getting your Washington Horse Racing Commission licenses. Only 54 people still need licenses, and they can be obtained 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday thru Saturday at the WHRC office next to the Quarter Chute Cafe.

Both our horses–McDove and Distinguishable–should be ready to go early in the season, but neither is permitted to race until everybody is licensed.  And remember, the $109 license fee is included in your ERC membership.

Also, out of state members can be licensed by mail, but you still must be fingerprinted. You’ll need to fill out this form to get started: WHRC License


8 thoughts on “Hope To See You Sunday!

  1. Is there a deadline for those of the 54 to get licensed or? Do the just get refunded? I was just wondering because you stated – “but neither [horse] is permitted to race until everybody is licensed”…

    So devils advocate: this means that if someone doesn’t register then the remaining ‘members’ have two horses that are ineligible to race? I am assuming that there is something that would prevent this from happening since that would mean one person could hold up the other 197 if not.

    • That is exactly what I was wondering thanks for asking .I am a new member and I have my license so I was wondering what happened in previous years if someone didn’t have their license. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone who already took care of this to have to wait for everyone to get their license. What is the protocol? Can we vote the people out who don’t get their license?

      • Hi Robert, People actually have been great about getting their licenses this season, but my major concern is our out of state members. I will update the situation later this week. Thanks, Vince

    • Hi Craig, I’ve spoken to a couple of industry people, and I don’t think it will come down to that. The logistics of having 200 people licensed is difficult and unusual, and I will call Doug Moore of the Washington Horse Racing Commission on Monday to discuss our situation. I also will reach out to ERC founder Sophia McKee to see what happened at the beginning of previous seasons. Thanks, Vince

      • Hopefully this can be rectified somehow prior to the possibility of missing a race. Since you stated it in your post I am assuming that there is something that brought this to the forefront if it has never been addressed before now?

        I’m surprised that there is no deadline in the agreement for this to prevent up to 199 people and $99,500.00 from being held hostage due to any single person. I can easily see this being possible. People move, pass on (die), get divorced, and so on. There could be a lot of reasons why someone could just skip out or not register. Per the original statement that would leave everyone else hanging with a couple of nice field horses. And maybe even some loss(s).

        Anyway, hope to hear that it is all resolved before either of the horses first race. Thanks Vince.

  2. Thanks Vince,
    We will be there, got my license renewed & ready for 2017 meet. Sounds like a good day to have breakfast at the Cafe.

    Jeff Sewell

    • Hi Michael, We filled the 200th spot this morning. I’m happy to place you on the list for next year. Thanks, Vince

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