What A Great Turnout!


McDove meets the Emerald Racing Club!

Despite a persistent drizzle, over 60 Emerald Racing Club members turned out Sunday morning to watch training at Emerald Downs and also watch McDove take her first spin around the one-mile oval.

Accompanied by a pony horse, McDove entered the track at 9:30 a.m. and got a feel for the surface on which she will race this season. Trainer Sharon Ross came over to answer questions as McDove got her feet wet, literally and figuratively, at Emerald Downs.

All things considered, it’s a great start for McDove. She’s only been here two days and is acclimating well to her surroundings, and soon Sharon will pass along the daily routine regarding a normal training time, etc. I’ll pass that information along, of course, as one of the great joys of Thoroughbred ownership is being able to watch your horses train in the morning.

Later we hiked over to the Ross barn and McDove proved a big hit with her new owners, who immediately bestowed rock star status on their 4-year-old filly. Like Archie Graham last year, McDove seemed to enjoy the attention as ERC members met and took photos and generally lavished the attention more normal for a Kentucky Derby winner.



McDove was the center of attention Sunday

Our other 4-year-old filly,  Distinguishable, continues training well at Pegasus in Redmond, according to Mike Puhich, and I hope everyone viewed the videos of her two recent workouts.

As for races, Emerald Downs opens the 2017 season Saturday, April 8, and I will keep everyone abreast of entries regarding our horses. Sharon did say, however, that even though McDove is relatively fit, they would proceed slowly with her for now.

For those unfamiliar with the various colors of Thoroughbreds, McDove is a 4-year-old bay filly and Distinguishable a 4-year-old chestnut filly. Here’s a link that explains how those colors are determined:

Thoroughbred Colors

We’re Full For 2017!

All 200 spots in the Emerald Racing Club have been sold for 2017. Keith Eldridge, a reporter-anchor with KOMO 4 News since 1983, procured the 200th and final spot Sunday morning.

This is the third straight year Emerald Racing Club has filled all 200 spots. Thanks to everybody for registering!



9 thoughts on “What A Great Turnout!

  1. Vince, thanks for the phone call this morning, allowing my husband to tag along. He loved the whole experience! We are really looking forward to the start of the season and to meeting Distinguisable, too. McDove was a great sport and really basked in all the attention. We appreciate all your hard work and Sharon’s too!

    • Hi Dawn, I enjoyed this morning too (even with the rain) and it looked like McDove enjoyed it too. Many thanks! Vince

  2. I see McDove has her blanket on in the stall; I wore the wrong shoes and had to leave due to wet feet! I am glad she enjoyed her first day on the track!

  3. Vince, thank you for all your communications. Enjoyed last Sunday’s get together very much. So excited that the club is full now and about both of our horses and staff. Can’t wait for April 8th.

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