McDove Possible Race Friday Or Saturday

McDove Friday

McDove and Gilbert Ramirez

We mentioned Sunday that horse racing is fluid, that things change constantly. A great example is entering a horse for a race.

Our plan has been to enter McDove for a race Saturday, April 22. It’s for fillies and mares 3-year-olds and up which have never won two races (not counting maiden wins) with a $15,000 claiming price. The purse is $11,200 ($6,160 to the winner) and the distance 6 furlongs.

In addition to races listed in the condition book, like the one above, the racing secretary adds several extra races that are used when the condition book races do not fill. It can get a bit confusing, I know, but trainers must pay close attention to these “extras” because the conditions can be nearly identical to the race you have targeted in the condition book.

Which is a long way of saying there is an extra race Friday, April 21, and McDove is going to be entered in it. The extra race is for fillies and mares 3-year-olds and up which have never won three races (including maiden wins) with a $15,000 claiming price. The purse is $11,300 and the distance 5 1/2 furlongs. In other words, practically identical to the Saturday, April 22 race.

There simply aren’t enough $15,000 claiming fillies and mares that have never won three races to fill both the Friday and Saturday race. So we shall enter the Friday extra race, and if it doesn’t fill we will enter for the Saturday race as planned. And if neither race fills, we will have to figure out something else. Like I said, it’s fluid!

It will take a few days to get a final answer. Entries for the Friday, April 21 race will be taken Sunday, and entries for the Saturday, April 22 race will be taken Wednesday.

Meanwhile, McDove continues to gallop strongly and is pretty much ready to race. As Sharon Ross said Sunday, McDove trained all winter and was fit when she arrived from Golden Gate Fields. And the process of acclimating to Emerald Downs has gone well, even with the lousy weather.

Distinguishable Friday

Distinguishable on the mechanical hot walker 

Over at the Mike Puhich barn, our other 4-year-old filly was back on the track Friday and galloped one mile under Javier Matias. Distinguishable appears to have emerged from Sunday’s victory in great shape and we can start looking for another race soon.

I will email out some billing information Friday afternoon, and friendly reminder, because they have horses racing Sunday no visitors at either the Ross or Puhich barns.

Dani Griggs, groom of Distinguishable, was named Quarter Chute Cafe Groom of the Week. She also is a pretty good photographer. Check out this photo she took of 4-year-old gelding Lord Walton enjoying the opening night fireworks show at Emerald Downs.

Lord Walton

Lord Walton








12 thoughts on “McDove Possible Race Friday Or Saturday

  1. Howdy Vince. I regret I cannot join you at the Paddock on Saturday at 1:30, as I am under the weather. Ed Metcalf

  2. Hey Vince. I saw this morning Diamonds Dena recorded a work… I’m sure you’ve gotten other emails about this. It makes me sad to know she is not retired as we agreed she should be. Anyway we can find out who actually has her and what is happening?

    Thank you, Devin Ganwich

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Hi Devin, Yep, you’re right. Sharon Ross and myself are aware of the situation and not at all pleased. We had an agreement with Manny Ortiz that Diamonds Dena was not to race again, that she would be retired and become a broodmare. I will be writing about this topic soon.

    • Was that agreement in writing? Of course in WA even a verbal agreement is legally binding. Surprising that someone would violate an agreement like that. Would this not change the agreed upon price of the horse sale? Since it was part of the terms I would think it would and would involve monetary repercussions.

  4. Yes, I see Diamonds Dena is training at Turf Paradise. I truly hope her horrible allergic reaction to whatever was bothering her here at Emerald Downs has gone away.

  5. Vince,
    Is McDove considered an out of state horse who has never started at Emerald Downs? Would the ERC be eligible for the $400.00 owner’s incentive bonus?

    • Hi Gina, Yes. Here is how it works: “A Guaranteed $400 bonus will be paid to any thoroughbred horse in its Initial Emerald Downs race (Stakes Races included) whose most recent start was made outside the State of Washington and that has not previously started at Emerald Downs.”

      McDove qualifies on both points. Her most recent start was at Golden Gate Fields in California, and she has never raced at Emerald Downs.

  6. Thank you! I have a question on Distinguishable. Six career starts and two wins and over $40,000 in career earnings for me is quite impressive! The closing date for the first stakes race is approaching April 29th; is there any chance we could see either Distinquishable or McDove in a Stakes race? That would be another first for the Emerald Racing Club! Dream big!

  7. Hi Gina, The first stakes race for Distinguishable’s age group (3-year-olds and up, fillies and mares) is the $50,000 Hastings Stakes on Saturday, May 20. Nominations for that race close Saturday, May 13. That might be a bit too ambitious a spot for Distinguishable, but we shall leave that decision to Mike Puhich. The second condition book, listing races for April 28 to May 14, has been released and I will see what Mike thinks and report back.

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