McDove 7-2 On Morning Line

Just to reiterate McDove runs in Race 5 Saturday at Emerald Downs, but there is a slight change in post time to 4:19 p.m. That’s 12 minutes later than previously listed and I want to make sure people can plan their day accordingly.

The morning line lists McDove at odds of 7-to-2 (3 1/2 to 1) which makes her third choice behind Annisquam (5-to-2) and Jerre to Carrie (3-to-1). The morning line is what the track line maker believes the odds will be for each horse at post time. The actual win odds are determined by the amount of money wagered on each horse, and the horse with the most money is the “betting favorite.”

It sure looks like the race is evenly matched with McDove ranking as one of the main contenders.

Here is the field for Saturday’s race: 1-Annisquam, Rocco Bowen, 5-2; 2-Sugarseeker, Kevin Orozco, 10-1; 3-Mary Lois, Jennifer Whitaker, 5-1; 4-Kiss My Lulu, Juan Gutierrez, 9-2; 5-Justitia, Eliska Kubinova, 12-1; 6-McDove, Javer Matias, 7-2; 7-Jerre to Carrie, Leonel Camacho-Flores, 3-1.

Once again, this race is for fillies and mares 3-year-olds and up which have never won two races with a claiming price of $15,000. However, in parentheses at the bottom of the condition (listed below) it states “maiden races, claiming races and starter races for less than $12,500 or less not considered”. That distinction is extremely important.

PURSE $11,200. FOR FILLIES AND MARES THREE YEARS OLD AND UPWARD WHICH HAVE NEVER WON TWO RACES. CLAIMING PRICE $15,000, if for $12,500, allowed 3lbs. (Maiden Races, Claiming Races and Starter Races For $12,500 Or Less Not Considered)

In the case of McDove, she has two career wins, but one of those is a maiden victory and “not considered” a win for Saturday’s race condition. In fact, of the horses in the race, Sugarseeker, Justitia, McDove and Jerre to Carrie all have won twice, but in each case one of the victories was a maiden race and thus are eligible to run.

This is where it get a bit tricky. Annisquam and Mary Lois each have nine career wins and Kiss My Lulu has four career wins. What gives? Why should McDove have to compete against horses with nine wins?

It all goes back to that bold faced clause in the condition. Annisquam, Mary Lois and Kiss My Lulu have been racking up victories in races with claiming prices of $5,000, $7,500 and $10,000, etc. Remember, in addition to maiden victories not counting as a victory, any victory in a race with a claiming price less than $12,500 also doesn’t count as a win.

It can be confusing, I know, but being able to understand the terminology is vital to any successful trainer and owner. Horses must be spotted in races where they have a good chance for success. As their 7-for-24 record clearly indicates, Sharon and Larry Ross have done a great job over the years of picking out races for ERC horses.

Distinguishable is tentatively slated to have a workout Sunday morning at Emerald Downs. It will depend on weather and track conditions, but Mike Puhich said he would like to get a “maintenance drill” into Distinguishable, and it looks like there might be a race for her on May 14.








3 thoughts on “McDove 7-2 On Morning Line

  1. It is raining pretty hard at 11:45 a.m. McDove has raced three times on an “off” track including a win and a fourth. An off track means any track condition other than fast, which at Emerald Downs usually means either sloppy, wet-fast, or good.

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