Dinerman’s Thoughts On ERC


Hi all! This is Matt Dinerman, the Emerald Downs track announcer. Most of you might remember me stopping by the Emerald Racing Club Orientation a couple of weeks ago.

I’m 24 years old (the youngest announcer in America: woohoo!) and grew up in San Diego, California, where my parents reside. I have been involved with horse racing since I was 11, when my dad took me to Del Mar (Where The Turf Meets The Surf!) I got my first job in racing when I was 16, working on the backstretch for Southern California trainer John Sadler. I worked in his barn for four summers (2008-2011) before spending two additional seasons as the press box steward. While working in the Del Mar press box, I took a tape recorder and my binoculars and practiced calling races from high atop the grandstand.

I was hired to call races at Emerald Downs in May of 2015, just a week BEFORE I graduated from Chapman University with a bachelor’s degree in communication studies. That gave me even more reason to pass all of my final exams!

The main reason I wanted to add to this blog is because I have really enjoyed calling Emerald Racing Club winners like Charlie Thomas, Tribal Waters, Archie Graham, and of course, Distinguishable! Before calling a race with an Emerald Racing Club horse, I open my window and door to my booth so I can feel the electricity from downstairs. That electricity comes from all of you, cheering on your horses as they are announced in the post parade and as they race around the track. It’s really an amazing adrenaline rush to be able to call any horse race, but to be able to call a racehorse that means so much to so many fans is extra special.

It NEVER gets old to see the Emerald Racing Club line up out on the track to get a winners circle photo taken! You all look like you are having the time of your lives…and the horses look so happy to see you after they won! In my opinion, horses feel confident when they understand a large fan base is their to support them. I really do believe the “fan favorites” try just a little bit harder, for that reason. Horses are amazing animals and are smarter than some may give them credit for.


Dinerman & Distinguishable

Speaking of horses, Distinguishable and McDove are two lovely fillies that you have acquired this year. Not only do they have talent as racehorses, but they are sweet as can be in the barn area. Spending time with hundreds of horses over the years, I can tell you that every horse has his or her own personality. Some are happy all the time. Some are moody. Some are very friendly towards people. Some like to be left alone. There’s no doubt, though, that Distinguishable and McDove LOVE to see all of you and very much enjoy human interaction. Whenever I go visit to see them, they stick their heads out of the stall and demand attention (and treats!) They know they are the stars of the show!!!

Luckily, you are off to a GREAT start this year and there is still A LOT of time for much more success. Here’s hoping Larry and Sharon Ross and Mike Puhich can find some good races and they continue to thrive!

I’d like to have a few of you visit my announcers booth and come up to the sixth floor to watch a race. Maybe Vince can have a contest or drawing to make that happen! And if you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I’ll answer ALL of your questions!

I just spoke to Vince and both fillies were on the track Wednesday. McDove jogged one mile, her first bit of work since Saturday’s race, and Distinguishable galloped one mile.

Vince will be out 7:30 Thursday morning to watch training, hope you can join us.

If any of you are on Twitter, my handle is @3coltshandicap. Feel free to follow my account, send me tweets, messages, etc. Thank you for reading!


17 thoughts on “Dinerman’s Thoughts On ERC

  1. Thanks for your interest and support of our Club Matt, and Kudos to you for landing such a terrific job so soon out of school!! A drawing/contest for a visit to your Announcer’s Booth would be greatly appreciated.

  2. It’s great having you on board Matt, I look forward to visiting your box some time. My question is who do you see as influences or “gold standards” for your announcing career?

    • Hi Michael,
      Trevor Denman is a big influence on my announcing career. He was the first voice of racing I ever heard and from a young age, I was fascinated as to how he was able to describe everything that was going on in a race. I got to know Trevor during my time in the press box and he has given me a plethora of advice. In fact, he listened to some of my early tapes and critiqued certain things. Trevor is able to paint a picture when describing a race; you can close your eyes and watch the race in your head as Trevor describes it. I want to paint the picture of a race in my calls, too.
      Another mentor is Robert Geller, who of course, called at Emerald from its opening until mid 2015. Robert and I still talk regularly and have become good friends. He has given so much invaluable advice, not only in the field of racing calling, but on how to be a great ambassador for your racetrack and your sport. Like Trevor, Robert is an announcer who is accurate and can paint the picture of a race. He is also a wordsmith. He has a large vocabulary and seem to always know the perfect phrases and words to describe what is happening in a race. He is clever, has a very natural delivery and his passion for horse racing can be heard in his calls. He is a top quality announcer and an even better man,

  3. It is pretty cool to have the Emerald Downs track announcer take an interest in our ERC. Thanks Matt! And it is interesting to hear your backround & how you got the job at Emerald. There are only a few track announcer jobs, congradulations!
    I have always admired Del Mar from a far. My wife & I are planning to visit Del Mar for the first time this year for the Breeders Cup.

    • Thanks so much for the kind words, Jeff.
      Make sure to walk around the grandstand and take in the sights and sounds at Del Mar. It’s a tremendous track. There are plenty of great food places to go to after the races, too! Enjoy!

    • Maybe we’ll connect with you at Breeders’ Cup, Jeff! We have clubhouse seating on Friday, and track level all-access for Saturday. We’ve never been to Del Mar either. 🙂

  4. That is a great picture of you and Distinguishable but I have to ask what is that blue thing hanging in the front of her stall. I have never seen that before.

    • Hi Bernadine,
      That blue thing is a “Jolly Ball.” The Jolly Ball is a big blue ball that the horses can play with. Sometimes they bite on it, sometimes they hit it with their heads and sometimes they even throw it across their stall! It’s just to keep them occupied during their day and some seem to really love their special toy. Knowing Distinguishable’s playful personality, she surely loves hers!

  5. Thanks Matt. We really appreciate your enthusiasm for the Club. It has become almost more social than individual. (the sum is greater than the parts). Vince deserves a lot of credit for finding quality horses for this year and also for bringing on Dr. D and Mike Puhich. It’s good to get new trainers involved. You can never be exposed to too many good things.

  6. Thanks Matt! I totally agree, the ERC horses light up when we cheer them, especially after an awesome race! Wonderful to be a part of the action.

    Loren Saintz


  7. Matt, if McDove does well in the Boeing Stakes this weekend, you may find it challenging to keep your composure!

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