No Race Sunday!

Distinguishable had a mishap Friday morning and trainer Mike Puhich said she will be scratched from Sunday’s race.

I will offer more details in today’s email, but don’t worry, Distinguishable is in no distress and is resting comfortably in her stall. She should be back in action soon.

Distinguishable’s workout went well, too. She worked an easy three furlongs in :35.80 under Isaias Enriquez, and the jockey said everything was going well, but Distinguishable coughed several times on the walk back to the barn and Puhich immediately decided to scratch. Thoroughbred racing has its share of ups and downs, and it’s no fun giving you folks lousy news like today’s.

McDove, meanwhile, was given the morning off, but is doing well and we could have a race next Friday.

8 thoughts on “No Race Sunday!

  1. So pardon me if what I have to say here is merely wives tales as opposed to being scientific. I’ve always heard that possibly 50% or an even greater number of thoroughbreds suffer from exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhaging, albeit only discernable by scoping. I’ve also always assumed that 99% of thoroughbred racehorses will bleed at some point in their career.

    So with these assumptions I have some questions. Are these assumptions somewhat accurate; what are the statistics? What are the differences with regards to severity when it comes to treatment and recovery? So bleeding that occurs when it would only be noticeable by scoping doesn’t seem to affect a schedule at all and then you take it to the other extreme and you have blowback on the silks before the finish line. I assume we’re somewhere in the middle….. Anyway so what are the recovery times covering the wide range of this?

    Finally, for a workout like hers this morning would a horse typically be on Lasix and does the relative closeness of her race have any impact on that one way or another?

    • Hi Shane, You are correct about bleeding in racehorses. In most cases it is manageable with lasix, which significantly reduces bleeding in horses lungs. But I’m unsure whether Distinguishable was treated with lasix for her workout Friday. I have emailed your question to Mike Puhich and will report back.

  2. Vince,
    First and foremost; my thoughts are with Distinguishable and hoping that she is okay and hoping for a recovery. I am glad that it sounds like she is getting the best care possible. I am thankful for that. Perhaps, this would be a good time to be able to visit with her at Pegasus as I have only seen her once. Thank you to everybody for taking good care of our racehorses.

    • Hi Gina, We will be going to Pegasus for an outing in June, but I’m sure we could make a trip out there to visit Distinguishable and watch her train in the next couple of weeks. I will work out the details and let everyone know.

  3. Would like to know if we still have seats for the racing club members and there guests and if so what section is it I thought it was in G but not sure where

  4. I want to thank Mike Puhich and his helpers for taking care of our horse when she is not feeling well I know a lot of people want to see her run but nice to have a barn that take care of there athletes. Good job there will be another day and another race

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