Friday Race Update

Hi Everyone, Matt Dinerman here again!

I just wanted to add a little bit to my analysis on Distinguishable’s race Friday night.

Kiss My Lulu is now scratched out of the sixth race tomorrow night, so that is one less rival to worry about. Trainer Blaine Wright has opted to run Kiss My Lulu in a race on Sunday afternoon. As of late Thursday afternoon, there are now seven fillies and mares signed on to compete in Distinguishable’s race.

This, in my opinion, is a major defection. You’ve got one less speed demon to worry about, so it might effect the pace scenario. Ila Veiw and Our Silver Lining are both quick, so they’ll be ensuring a fast pace. I still believe Distinguishable is going to sit in a stalking position, but we will see.

REMINDER: Distinguishable runs in Race 6. Post time is at 9 PM.

Looking forward to seeing everyone!


One thought on “Friday Race Update

  1. I see Distinguishable was claimed. So what’s the next move Vince? We going to try and claim her back or try for another horse at a lower class?

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