Distinguishable Claimed For $25,000

Distinguishable-Friday, June 23

Distinguishable (No. 6) in the stretch run Friday

In case you missed the email last night, Distinguishable finished fifth and was claimed for $25,000 by trainer Manny Ortiz and owner Carrie Brogden, a partner in Select Sales Agency of Lexington, KY.

There actually were two claims in for Distinguishable, with trainers Ortiz and Tim McCanna each depositing claim slips prior to the 15-minute cutoff before last night’s 6th race. When multiple claims occur for the same horse, they draw peas in the paddock to determine who gets the horse, in this case Ortiz and Brogden.

I emailed Brogden to confirm that Distinguishable was claimed as a broodmare, and hopefully will hear from her soon. As we’ve discussed before, Distinguishable is very attractively-bred (By Distorted Humor-Officiate) and sold for $250,000 as a yearling in 2014, and she obviously makes a fine broodmare candidate.

As for last night’s race, I thought Distinguishable ran very well. She finished fifth, but she did the dirty work, pressing the early pace as Ila Veiw wound up tying the fastest 6 furlongs by a filly or mare in track history with a 1:07.90 clocking. Ila Veiw set remarkably fast factions–:21.53 for the quarter-mile, :43.80 for the half-mile and :55.55 for five-eighths–and kept right on going.

As I wrote in the email last night, if Ila Veiw isn’t in the race Distinguishable would have won. That’s just an opinion, of course, but trainer Mike Puhich felt the same way. The horses that wound up passing us for second, third and fourth place all lagged back early, while Distinguishable was out there challenging Ila Veiw on the turn for home. Full credit to the winner, she was dynamite.


Anyway, sorry to see Distinguishable go. She was classy and wonderful with visitors, and one gets a bit emotional when that red tag is placed on the horse. Incidentally, that $25,000 claim tied the biggest of the season at Emerald Downs.

As Mike Puhich said in our post-race gathering, any time you turn a profit you have to look at the big picture. We purchased Distinguishable for $10,000, and in three starts she earned $8,680 in purses. Combine that with the $25,000 for the claim and we got a grand total of $33,680 for our $10,000 investment. There were training bills, of course, but the final tally is easily in the black.

The plan now is to claim another horse (or horses.) I promised never to be mad if one of our horses was claimed, but I also feel what’s fair is fair, and Puhich and Larry and Sharon Ross have their eyes wide open. We also still have McDove and she is getting close to another race following her great effort June 3.


The trip to Pegasus Training Center is Saturday, July 1. I will email the time and directions early in the week. You can figure around 8 a.m.


Incidentally, I saw something today at Santa Anita that was a first in nearly four decades in racing. A nicely bred 4-year-old named Award It was entered in a $25,000 claiming race for fillies and mares and listed as a hermaphrodite–which I always understood was an organism that has reproductive organs normally associated with both male and female sexes. However, they made this distinction to warn any would-be claimers that Award It is not able to be bred, so in this case spending $25,000 as a potential broodmare would not have worked.






4 thoughts on “Distinguishable Claimed For $25,000

  1. Ila Veiw may have won but at least our horse’s name doesn’t drive spellcheck crazy. 😉 Happy Trails to our big red girl.

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