Directions to Pegasus Training Center

Please note we will begin at 10 a.m., Saturday, July 1.

As I mentioned in the email, the location is 37 miles from Emerald Downs.

If you have any problems please call my cell at (253) 335-2657 and I’ll help guide you in. They have plenty of parking available.

Lousy news: No go for McDove on Sunday, but Monday is a possibility.

pegasus map




3 thoughts on “Directions to Pegasus Training Center

  1. What is the race on Monday? The 15,000 a few of us were talking about? When is the drawing for that race?


  2. Hey Vince, I see we claimed EZ Larry out of the 3rd race last Sunday. He was a first time starter and finished a good 2nd. Mike must have liked him for his breeding and/or the bullet work from the gate early in June. I am anxious to hear more about the newest addition to the ERC. Thanks!!

  3. Hi Don, Mike Puhich liked the breeding and also liked the horse when he saw it in the flesh. E Z Larry came out of the race well and we should have a race for him within a couple of weeks.

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