Yodeler’s Past and Present Plans

Many of you ask great questions about Yodeler’s past. I get the bulk of the answers for you from his official Past Performances (PPs) from the Daily Racing Form. Dancing Yodeler – Past Performance¬†provides details such as his age, his breeding, how many times he has raced, and on what surface.

From this information we can make some generalizations as to what level of competition he is successful at, what type of surface he likes, and what distance he performs the best at.

We can even see that Yodeler has made over $100,000 on the racetrack – quite a successful career thus far.

There’s a wealth of knowledge in those PPs if you know how to read them. Rather than go into a lengthy explanation of each detail, I’ll link to the Daily Racing Form’s “How to Read Past Performances.”¬†It’s a pretty good tutorial that covers the main points much better than I can.

UPDATE for this weekend’s activities:

We had initially planned to watch Yodeler train and do barn visits on Sunday. This has been cancelled and there will be no “official” Emerald Racing Club activities this weekend.

Yodeler will still train as usual, and you are welcome to come out and watch morning workouts and visit the kitchen, but we do not have volunteers available to help facilitate the barn visit like we did this past Sunday. I’ll do my best to post here when I know approximately what time he’ll train each day.


Yodeler came out of his easy workout in fine fettle. He jogged Wednesday morning over a muddy track in front of myself and ERC member Glenn and he looked great. He’s fit, so most of what he’s doing now is just maintenance and keeping him happy. Exercise rider Brian had a great big smile on his face as he went by!